How to Choose New Axies in Season 19

So your team got peppered with nerfs too huh? I feel your pain…

But before you go around scrounging up loose change or begging your manager to replace your obsolete Axies, you must first do some research in order to find the best ones for you.

Lucky for you, you’ve stumbled across this article where I’ll be breaking down how you can choose new Axies after the balance changes. I’ll also be sharing my experience on how I was able to replace my nerfed Axies.

These are the three things you need to consider:

  • Budget
  • Playstyle
  • Meta

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One of the most important aspects to consider in almost every decision is the budget. Knowing how much you’re allowed to spend is a good step to knowing how to choose replacement Axies.

I’ve heard from a lot of people that a general rule of thumb is to not spend more than 0.2 ETH (~$875 as of writing) on a single Axie. I believe that it depends on your comfort zone, so as long as you’re comfortable with investing that much, you can go for it. Hey, it’s your money.

Once you know how much you can spend, searching for an Axie would be a breeze because of the Axie Infinity marketplace’s filter feature. 

It goes without saying that you should only invest what you can theoretically lose when it comes to cryptocurrency because the market is very volatile. You can easily lose money within a short span of time, so don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

But what if you’re a scholar?

You should first consult with your manager in getting a replacement for your team. It helps if you have a good track record and can back up your claims with factual evidence.

Because your team is basically sponsored, it’s their courtesy whether or not they will give you a replacement, so don’t forget to be patient and respectful. Remember, it’s their money, not yours. 

If they agree to replace your Axies, you can request a specific one if your manager lets you. However, you should research extensively and present how that particular Axie can benefit you both as a scholar and manager.

You can check out more about Axie scholarships here:

How to Play Axie Infinity for Free


You should also consider the way you envision yourself playing the game. 

Ask yourself if there are any specific win conditions you want to revolve your playstyle around. You could also reflect on what type of Axies you prefer, as well as the team compositions you think you will find great success with.

Knowing the ins and outs of your team is one of the keys to finding success in the arena, so pick Axies that you think would go well with your preferred playstyle and strengths.

Check out some of our sample articles on meta Axie lineups:

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This is the most important aspect to consider, because even if you have the budget and are capable of using the Axie effectively, the current meta still has a big influence on the success of your team.

Like I’ve said before, do your own research and consult with more knowledgeable players as to what the current meta looks like. There are tons of content online, as well as forums like Discord and Reddit where top players meet and discuss.

Unless you’re extremely good at the game or insanely lucky, having an off-meta team probably won’t get you far.

How Do I Replace My Axies?

Being a scholar myself, I have no means of replacing my Axies on my own. Fortunately, I was given the go signal by my manager and I searched around the marketplace for possible replacements.

I knew that I would only be replacing two of my Axies, because one wasn’t affected by the nerfs. I previously ran an AquaAquaPlant team and unfortunately, both of my Aquas got hit hard by the nerfs, so my win rate and SLP gains were tanking.

I did my own research and found that pairing a Dark Swoop Bird Axie with a 46/49 Speed Mech Axie is a great option for a more competitive team. Because they were well within budget, I bought both of those Axies and formed a team with my old Plant.

I’m currently finding great success in the arena, especially since they were both in the meta last season and were left mostly unscathed by the balance changes.

Pro Tips:

  • Do lots of research on the game and meta; you can also consult with other players
  • Sometimes your Axies don’t need to be replaced; seek other options first before buying new ones
  • Axies in the marketplace tend to get cheaper after a while; monitoring them can help you buy good ones for cheap (as long as they don’t get snagged by anyone else)
  • Don’t spend too much on a single Axie; if they get nerfed, you can lose a lot of money, so only invest what you can afford to lose
  • If you’re a scholar, make sure you have a good track record and a great relationship with your manager so they can consider giving you a replacement
  • It helps if you can present why you think a specific Axie would fit you and your team, as well as why should your manager replace your Axies in the first place

What do YOU think? Did I miss any tips that you should know? Comment it down below!

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