Teamwork Makes The Dream Work: A Guide On Card Combos And Chaining

Combat in Axie Infinity is easy to learn but immensely hard to master. 

There are a multitude of factors and stats to consider in order to get a clear picture of how much damage you can deal or receive.

Class advantages and disadvantages, the stats of an Axie, and the base damage of the card are a few of the factors in  calculating battle damage.

However, because Axie Infinity is a card game that involves a lot of strategy and the use of tactics, there are strategies you can employ to fully optimize your gameplay. 

Card combos and chaining are two great examples.

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What are Card Combos?

A card combo is a string of cards played by the one Axie. This is one of the bread-and-butter mechanics you should learn when playing the game.

There are cards whose effects are only activated when they are played in a combo or are paired with another specific card.

It’s also important to note that the higher the Skill of an Axie, the more damage their attacks deal. The bonus damage is calculated by the formula:

[(Card Attack x Skill) /500]

What is Card Chaining?

Card chaining is when a player uses cards of the same class with two or more Axies in one round

For example, if one Axie plays an Aqua card and another plays a Beast card, it won’t count as a card chain. But if two Axies both play a Plant card, a card chain is formed.

Keep in mind that there is also a bonus applied to cards in chains (5-6%).

How Do I Combo or Chain Cards?

Combos are formed by playing several cards with a single Axie. The player is rewarded with a small damage boost to their attacks when cards are played in a combo. There are also card conditions that require a combo (e.g. Vegetal Bite).

On the other hand, chains are made when two or more Axies play cards that belong to the same class. There is also a small damage boost given, as well as activating the effect of the cards if they require chaining (e.g Bug Signal)

Examples of Card Combos

Good examples of card combos can be found in all classes. Every class can do combos, but there are cards that have additional effects if you combine them with specific cards.

Upstream Swim, Single Combat, Disguise, Vegetal Bite, and Chomp are common examples of cards whose effects are activated when they are played in a combo.

Upstream Swim
Single Combat
Vegetal Bite

An infamous card combo is when Single Combat is paired with Ivory Stab. This combo has high damage output and gives energy to the user because of the guaranteed critical strike.

Ivory Stab

The Bird class is the only class without a card whose effect is activated by another card. However, they have the option of combining Blackmail with Eggbomb to transfer the debuff to their enemy.


Examples of Card Chains

Effects that are activated bycentered around card chaining can also be found in all classes except Aqua. Cards such as Merry Legion, Air Force One, Bug Signal, Bamboo Clan, and Scaly Lunge have conditions based on chains.

Merry Legion
Air Force One
Bug Signal
Bamboo Clan
Scaly Lunge

There are teams that are centered around Bug Signal in order to keep stealing energy from the opponent. There is also a team composition that specializes in applying Poison to enemy Axies by chaining the card Barb Strike.

Barb Strike


Card combos and chaining are important mechanics to master if you want to win more matches. The bonus damage and shielding provided by card chains and combinations are too significant to overlook and there are cards that won’t work if they aren’t paired with other moves.

It’s important to note that there are many more card combos and chains to be discovered. 

After reading through this article, I recommend that you check your Axies and figure out how their cards could be made into a combo or chain that could help you on your next match.

Pro Tips:

  • Combos and chains deal more damage, use this to your advantage
  • Saving energy in order to play multiple cards is an important tactic in the game, sometimes accumulating a lot of energy and taking out enemy Axies in one fell swoop is better than using all your energy every turn
  • There is a big difference between combos and chains, always check the card descriptions so you can avoid making rookie mistakes
  • Familiarize yourself with the possible combos or chains your team can play, as well as the situation it’s best suited in so you’ll be prepared under any circumstance

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