Card Spotlight: Buzzing Wind

In this article, I’ll be putting the spotlight on the Bug card, “Buzzing Wind.”

Buzzing Wind

As of December 2021, this card has 10 base damage, provides 30 shields, and costs 0 energy. It also applies Fragile to the target until the next round.

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How Is Buzzing Wind Used?

Buzzing Wind is the only card that applies Fragile in the game. Fragile is a debuff that doubles the damage on the target’s shield.

In a combo, Buzzing Wind is played first then a high damage card next. Typically, the high damage card easily shreds the target’s shield.

Fragile does not amplify the damage to the target’s HP, only the shield.

What Kind of Axies/Teams Use Buzzing Wind?

Axies that have lots of high damage cards fit Buzzing Wind best. Aquatic hybrid Axies with Buzzing Wind make them powerful against high shield Axies like Plants and Reptiles.

Pros and Cons of the Buzzing Wind Card


  • zero cost card
  • easily shreds highly shielded Axies
  • decent shields for a zero cost card


  • sometimes, there are better back body part options than Buzzing Wind
  • low value against low shield Axies

Buzzing Wind Card Synergies

  • Any card with at least 100 damage
  • high damage cards work well with Buzzing Wind for effortless shield breaking
  • Grub Surprise
  • this card’s ability activates when the enemy has shields, and it being a 100 damage card makes it compatible with Buzzing Wind’s shield shredding
  • Ivory Chop, Cattail Slap
  • using Bug Signal correctly brings forth tons of energy, so these cards will balance it out by drawing cards for the player
  • Tail Slap, Luna Absorb
  • failing to steal the enemy’s energy empties your own, so these cards may compensate for those mishaps by generating their own energy

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