Axie Infinity Back Body Parts List

Trying to choose the best back part for your Axie build and want to see all the options?

You’ve come to the right place!. Here, you can find all the back body parts of an Axie.

If you haven’t read the “Axie Infinity Body Parts List” article, I suggest you check it out first:

Axie Infinity Body Parts List

What Are Axie Back Body Parts?

Back body parts give abilities to an Axie. Each part is unique in both design and the ability they give.

Some abilities can be defensive, while others are full-on offensive. It all varies on the Axie class and its purpose in combat.

Axie Back Body Parts List

Here is the complete list of all the Axie back parts. Currently, there are 36 back parts, with 6 per Axie class.

ImageBody PartCard NamePart TypeClassAttack TypeEnergy CostDamageShieldCard Ability
Anemone (Back)AnemoneAqua VitalityBackAquaticMelee18035Successful attacks restore 50 HP for each Anemone part this Axie possesses.
Blue MoonBlue MoonScale DartBackAquaticRanged112030Draw a card if target is in Last Stand.
HermitHermitShelterBackAquatic10115Disable critical strikes on this Axie during this round.
GoldfishGoldfishSwift EscapeBackAquaticMelee110520Apply Speed+ to this Axie for 2 rounds when attacked.
PerchPerchSpinal TapBackAquaticMelee110020Prioritize idle target when comboed with at least 2 additional cards.
SpongeSpongeShipwreckBackAquaticMelee16090Apply Attack+ to this Axie if its shield breaks.
FurballJuggling BallsBackBeastRanged14030Strike 3 times.
HeroHeroic RewardBackBeastMelee0600Draw a card when attacking an Aqua, Bird, or Dawn target.
JaguarNitro LeapBackBeastMelee111535Always strike first if this Axie is in Last Stand
Risky BeastRevenge ArrowBackBeastRanged112525Deal 150% if this Axie is in Last Stand.
RoninSingle CombatBackBeastMelee1750Guaranteed critical strike when comboed with at least 2 other cards.
TimberWoodman PowerBackBeastMelee18080Add shield equal to the damage this card deals against Plant targets.
BalloonBalloon PopBackBirdRanged0400Apply Fear to target for 1 turn. If depending, apply Fear to self until next round.
CupidHeart BreakBackBirdRanged112020Apply Morale- to enemy for 2 rounds.
KingfisherPatient HunterBackBirdMelee11300Target an Aquatic class enemy if this Axie’s HP is below 50%
Pigeon PostBlackmailBackBirdRanged112010Transfer all debuffs on this Axie to target.
RavenIll-omenedBackBirdRanged111030Apply Jinx to target for 2 rounds.
Tri FeatherTriple ThreatBackBirdRanged03510Attack twice if this Axie has any debuffs.
Buzz BuzzBug NoiseBackBugRanged110040Apply Attack- to target.
Garish WormBarb StrikeBackBugRanged110050Apply poison to target when played in a chain.
SandalBug SplatBackBugMelee111050Deal 50% more damage when attacking Bug targets.
ScarabScarab CurseBackBugRanged111040Target cannot be healed until next round.
Snail ShellSticky GooBackBugMelee14060Stun attacker if this Axie’s shield breaks. Can only trigger once per round.
Spiky WingBuzzing WindBackBugRanged01030Apply Fragile to target until next round.
BidensCleanse ScentBackPlant0050Remove all debuffs from this Axie.
MintRefreshBackPlant0050Remove all debuffs from a teammate if it’s directly in front (same row) of this Axie.
PumpkinOctober TreatBackPlant10110Draw a card if this Axie’s shield doesn’t break this round.
ShiitakeShroom’s GraceBackPlant1040Heal this Axie for 120 HP.
TurnipTurnip RocketBackPlantRanged16080Target a Bird if comboed with 2 or more cards.
Watering CanAqua StockBackPlantRanged14580Gain 1 energy if this Axie is struck by an Aquatic card.
Bone SailIvory ChopBackReptileMelee18080Draw a card if this Axie’s shield breaks.
CrocNile StrikeBackReptileRanged19060Apply Speed- to target for 2 rounds.
Green ThornsVine DaggerBackReptileRanged02030Double shield from this card when comboed with a Plant card.
Indian StarBulkwarkBackReptileMelee12080Reflect 40% of melee damage back at attacker.
Red EarSlippery ShieldBackReptileMelee110135Add 15% of this Axie’s shield to adjacent teammates.
Tri SpikesSpike ThrowBackReptileRanged18050Target enemy with lowest shield when comboed with 2 or more cards.

What do YOU think about back body parts? Did I miss anything? Comment it down below!

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