Trip to Lunacia: Axie Releasing

All aboard the Lunacian Express! You can say farewell to your furry, scaly, feathery, or silky smooth friends as they embark on their journey to explore the fields of Lunacia!

In this article, I’ll be going into detail on what Axie Releasing is, as well as how you can release them.

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What is Axie Releasing?

Axie Releasing is the new, limited-time event introduced to the game. 

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This one-way trip to Lunacia lets you release your Axies out into the world in exchange for Lunar New Year cosmetic items for your land, as well as a chance to win rare items in the raffle draw. Basically, you can convert your unused Axies into rewards that could potentially serve as decor to your land! 

It’s important to note that releasing your Axies is permanent and there’s no way to get them back after, so think about saying goodbye really hard.

The event will run for a month, starting from January 20 up until February 20, 2022.

Why Should I Release My Axies?

If you have Axies that have been sitting around, collecting dust, you can set them free to roam the lands of Lunacia in exchange for pretty cool loot.

Every Axie you release will grant you one of five Lunar New Year cosmetic land items, such as the Assorted Firecrackers, Traditional Snack Box, Blossom Tree, Lucky Lantern, and Crimson Tiger. 

Each item has a corresponding chance of you getting it. It goes as follows:

  • Assorted Firecrackers – 35%
  • Traditional Snack Box – 35%
  • Blossom Tree – 20%
  • Lucky Lantern – 9%
  • Crimson Tiger – 1%

As you can see, there are items that are rarer than others, so getting those may prove to be a challenge. Who knows? Maybe you’re lucky and you get them on the first try!

But wait! There’s more!

For each Axie you release, you also get a raffle entry to win the following exciting prizes!

  • 1 Winner of 5 Axie Origin Coin (AOC) tokens
  • 10 Winners of the Kitsune Mystic Land Item
  • 100 Winners or CoinGecko or Ganbaru CrypTon Epic Land Items

So go pray to RNGesus and maybe you’ll be one of the lucky few!

How Do I Release Them?

Releasing your Axies may feel extremely hard, but the process itself is easy.

It’s as easy as:

  1. Go to this link: 
  2. Login with your Ronin Wallet
  3. Choose an Axie you will part ways with
  4. Verify and Confirm the transaction
  5. Say goodbye to your friend 🙁

What is the Significance of Axie Releasing? 

Essentially, releasing serves as a temporary burning mechanism for Axies, meaning that any Axies that are rarely used or are unfit for the arena can be converted into other items that may be useful in the near future. It also serves as a relatively low-cost method to obtain land items.

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It’s also a way for players that have a surplus of Axies to test their luck and potentially win various prizes at the end of the event. Most importantly, this is one of the first few steps of implementing economy-balancing changes.

What are you waiting for? Go and set a few friends free!

Important Reminders

  • You can board your Axies on the Lunacian Express and receive limited edition land items, as well as a chance to win amazing raffle prizes
  • Axie Releasing is permanent so think about it first
  • The more Axies you release, the more prizes you receive, as well as the higher chance you can win the raffle draw
  • This is one of the first in many potential economic balancing mechanisms to be implemented in the game
  • It only runs for a limited time (January 20 – February 20, 2022)

Will you release your Axies? Comment down below!

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