The Perks of Playing Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is one of the hottest play-to-earn games right now. Many players, scholars, managers, and investors have all flocked and joined the game’s rising player base.

Here are some of the perks almost every Axie player enjoys!

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There’s Money Waiting For You

Let’s start with the most obvious reason. As I’ve previously mentioned, Axie Infinity is a crypto game that lets you earn real money. 

One of the main reasons why the player base suddenly skyrocketed is because of profits. If you buy a team of Axies, NFT creatures that you can use in battle, it’ll only take you a couple of months to get your money back on average, depending on how expensive you bought them.

Fortunately for players that don’t have capital, you can still play through the game’s “scholarship” feature. This feature lets other people invest in a team of Axies, but someone else plays for them. 

A portion of the earnings (Smooth Love Potion or SLP) will be given as payment to the player, a.k.a. the “scholar.” This system lets managers (investors) earn money without spending too much time on the game.

Check out this article for more info on how to earn money in Axie Infinity:

How the Axie Infinity Economy Works

Your Decision-making Skills Will Drastically Improve

Axie Infinity is a turn-based strategy card game where your moves and choices decide whether you win or lose. Knowing how to play the game, as well as which cards to play, are extremely important factors to consider.

Because the game only gives you a limited amount of data on the current state of the game, you are forced to collect the little bits and pieces of information the game provides and use them to your advantage.

As you keep playing matches and battling against other players, your ability to decide in intense situations will surely get sharper over time. PvP will also test your ability to keep a cool head in high-pressure situations, as well as to make important choices on the fly.

Here are articles on how battles and the HUD works, as well as how to count energy:

A Comprehensive Guide To Battles And PVP

How To Effectively Use Energy in Axie Infinity

Your Mathematical Ability Will Also Improve

The game surprisingly (not really) involves a lot of calculations. Because it’s a card game that puts an emphasis on strategy, players need to calculate the following:

  • Damage
  • Shields
  • Cards
  • Energy

Knowing how to account for the following will enable you to win significantly more games. If you keep playing games and taking note of every factor that goes in a game, your mathematical ability will be on point.

You’ll Have Tons of Fun

Axie Infinity is extremely fun. That’s a lot coming from a person who doesn’t really like playing turn-based and card games.

I’ve had a lot of fun playing, knowing more about the game, as well as writing these articles. It’s kinda painful to think about all the fun I could’ve missed if I wasn’t interested in Axies.

It’s a good pastime for players, not just a way to earn a bit of income. You can also play and watch with your friends, making it a great bonding activity.

My friends and I usually hang out in Discord, watch each other’s games, and exchange info regarding Axie. Even if the game wasn’t play-to-earn, I’d probably still play it because it’s a genuinely fun game.

You’ll Be a Part of One of the Best Gaming Communities

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a thousand more times. The Axie Infinity community is one of the best, if not the best, gaming communities out there. 

The game is made up of the most wonderful people you will ever meet and it’s composed of people from different backgrounds. You have gamers, investors, artists, and many more!

You can go up to almost anyone and they’ll be sure to answer any Axie Infinity-related queries you may have. They’re also very considerate and you’ll be sure to feel at home during your stay with us!

Are there any perks you personally enjoy as an Axie player? Comment them down below!

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