Axie Infinity: Beginner’s Guide

NFT games are on the bleeding edge of technology. Hell, until recently I’d never even heard of them. Even cryptocurrency is new to most people, aside from day-traders and nerds. 

Usually, a gamer’s time and money are wasted on in-game cosmetics and upgrades that have no real-world value. By contrast, here I am, playing an NFT game and earning at least $20 a day just by making adorable pets knock each other out. 

This is the genesis of the NFT world.

This is  Axie Infinity.

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What is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is an NFT-based online multiplayer game developed by SkyMavis and was first released in 2018. 

The game’s cryptocurrencies are based on Ethereum, namely Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Smooth Love Potion (SLP). Players battle using Axies (NFT characters) that they own to earn SLP which can be converted to real-world money.


In the metaverse of Axie Infinity, some people play for fun, but many players are there primarily to earn an income from the game. 

AXS and SLP are the two crypto tokens that you can earn in Axie Infinity. For beginners, SLP is the target resource, and this can be earned by playing the different game modes: adventure, arena, and daily quest. 

Smooth Love Potion (SLP)

Players spend “Daily Energy” which is an in-game feature that limits the amount a player can earn daily.

Axie Infinity’s gameplay is turn-based and cards that contain abilities. Each card performs a specific move against the opposing axies. The moves vary greatly and can range from buffs and debuffs to damage strikes and defensive stands. 

Players both select their cards for each round and then let their Axies battle it out. The player who manages to knock out all of the enemy Axies first wins the battle.

What are “Axies”?

Axies are the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), and these days each one represents a significant cash investment. These Axies will represent you in battle, as they attempt to destroy the enemy both in PvE (Player vs. Environment) and PvP (Player vs. Player). 

This is a Beast Axie.

Players can buy, sell, and breed different Axies of different classes and types. A base team consists of 3 Axies, so it’s a requirement to buy at least 3 of these cute pets to play Axie Infinity.

Three factors can differentiate Axies, and those are base classes, body parts, and stats.

In PvP matches, how good Axies are changes the outcome of each battle. A strong Axie team also has strong chances of winning.

You can check out this article about common yet powerful Axies:

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Axie Base Classes

The Axies of Lunacia (the name of the Axie Infinity world) vary in species and habitat, which places them into nine different classes.

The base classes are:


There are also 3 secret classes:


You can check more on secret classes in this article:

Axie Infinity: What Are Secret Axie Classes?

A class has both advantages and disadvantages versus other classes. This is called a class advantage. Damage is calculated with an extra 15% attribute. Defense may also be added with an extra 15% attribute.

Axie Stats and Body Parts

All Axies vary in stats and body parts. Game mechanics like these are what shape the PvP battles of Axie Infinity and add enormous diversity to the game. Even the slightest difference in stats or abilities can alter the outcome of a single round.


Axies have four major attributes that each play a significant role in battle.

HP – The total damage that an axie can take before getting knocked out. 

Speed – Determines the attack order and the chances of an axie to dodge an attack.

Skill – Determines the Axie’s chances of successfully landing an attack.

Morale – Determines the Axie’s chances of landing a critical hit and chances of going into a “last stand” state.

  • Critical hit The attack of an axie will deal double the damage (200%) on its target.
  • Last Stand – When an Axie’s HP reaches 0, there is a chance for it to enter a “last stand” state. This grants the Axie a chance to perform extra abilities before getting knocked out.
Axie Stats
The stats of an Axie in the Marketplace.

This image of an Axie’s stats shows what they look like in the marketplace. You can assess the quality of Axies partially by looking at stats.

Body Parts

Axies have 6 body parts:

  • Back
  • Ear
  • Eye
  • Horn
  • Mouth
  • Tail

The image below shows the body parts of this Bird Axie. You can see that it has a Mavis eye part, an Owl ear part, a Raven mouth part, and so on. This example can help you easily identify and name Axie body parts.

Axies should have the same body part as their class. Having a complete set of body parts with the same class as the Axie is what we call a “pure Axie.”

The Mavis eye part belongs to the aqua class (Notice the pink color. It signifies that it’s a Bird class body part), which adds 3 Speed and 1 HP to the base stats of the Axie.

You can check out this list of all the Axie body parts and extra info on pure and impure Axies:

Axie Infinity Body Parts List

Axie Infinity: Pure Axies vs Impure Axies

Axie Abilities

The foundation of Axie Infinity’s battle mechanics is the abilities/cards that an Axie possesses. Cards represent varying Axie abilities, both in PvE and PvP. These cards make the Axies execute a certain action, whether for offense, defense, or utility. 

Every body part has a distinct ability, which is why they play a major role in forming a formidable Axie. The sample card presented below shows an Aquatic class card with high priority for damage. 

All abilities have special actions that create “buffs” and “debuffs.” In the card above, you can see that the ability enables the user to “apply speed for 2 rounds when attacked” This is what Axie abilities consist of. A damage/defense increase, with a conditional buff or debuff.

Swift Escape
Swift Escape is an Aquatic Ability

Part of what makes a player skilled is recognizing which Axie abilities work well and which don’t. This is the difference between being competitive and non-competitive in PvP combat.

You can find more about Axie Infinity cards, buffs, and debuffs in these articles:

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Adventure and Arena

Axie Infinity provides two game modes for players to enjoy (and earn SLP): adventure mode and arena mode.

Adventure Mode

This is the game’s PvE mode, where you fight with NPCs (non-player characters) in different levels of Lunacia Ruins. Clearing out a ruin with energy gives your Axies experience and gives you SLP, which makes them stronger enough to clear higher ruin levels. 

Adventure Mode Level Selection
Axie Infinity’s adventure mode level selection

If you run out of energy, you can still play PvE and gain SLP, but you won’t be able to clear out levels that your Axies can’t handle. The amount of SLP you can get varies based on the level that you are on. PvE mode only allows you to gain a maximum of 50 SLP in this mode.

You can check out more about Axie Infinity’s Adventure mode here:

Journey To Lunacia: A Player’s Guide To Adventure

Arena Mode

This is the game’s PvP mode, which occurs in the online multiplayer arena. It is where you are matched against players around your MMR or “Match Make Rating” and battle each other’s Axies. 

An Axie Infinity PvP arena match

SLP can be earned from this area if you win a match and each match consumes some of the daily energy. Winning also grants you a higher MMR, which also means more SLP (and tougher opponents). 

Arena mode also features a leaderboard that showcases players with the highest MMR, making them the best competitors in the online field. This is where you can study and try to figure out the strategies they are using in battle. 

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What do YOU think about this beginner guide? Did I miss anything about Axie Infinity basics? Comment it down below!

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