Axie Infinity: How To Avoid Getting Banned

Law is the public conscience.”  

  -Thomas Hobbes

Axie Infinity is a community built on freedom. SkyMavis gave us lands, Axies, Smooth Love Potion (SLP), and more! To keep us on the correct path, our developers imposed systematic rules that automatically ban perpetrators.

Since it’s automatic, some uncanny bans turn out to be mistaken. Getting banned is a hard situation to be in, so this guide will showcase actions that players should avoid. We all don’t wanna get banned right?

Understanding the rules SkyMavis bestowed upon us, is the key to avoiding a ban. These rules are what we call the “Terms of Use,” a common agreement between a provider and its consumers for a healthy mutual

I’ll be discussing the whole Terms Of Use in the shortest way possible, so that you, as a player understand the rules you have to abide by.

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Game Rules

Axie Infinity’s website displays its Terms of Use with every user. Since this guide is about avoiding a ban, I’ll be highlighting ban-related sections of the webpage.

By using the app, you, the player, must agree to all of their terms.

If you wish to read more about the Terms Of Use, refer to their website:

Ban Hammer

Always fear the ban hammer. You have money invested into this game and you don’t want to accidentally lose any of it.

Intellectual Property Rights

SkyMavis has proprietary rights to ALL of Axie Infinity’s content. Axies, graphics, anything that SkyMavis publicly owns is licensed and controlled by them.

The relevant section of this area is the creation of Axie Infinity fan arts.

Since we have a lot of content creators, real-life inspired merchandise is likely to be produced. This is where SkyMavis asks for the correct accreditation for their work

Once you own an Axie, you are granted to create fan art if:

  • You own the Axie of which you’re creating a fan art
  • You have permission from the owner of the Axie of which you’re creating fan art 

Publicizing fan-arts should be accredited to SkyMavis by:

  • Clearly stating “Axie Infinity Fan art
  • Having a link to
  • Having a link to the Axie used in the fan art

Axie Infinity-inspired merchandise or artworks can only generate $10,000 in revenue. Going past the limit will need an official license agreement to be signed by SkyMavis.

User Representations

This section of the Terms of Use is often violated, resulting in suspensions or bans. In avoiding a ban, this is your guardian angel.

I’ll expound on each paragraph to make it clear.

Sections 1 – 5

SkyMavis’ terms for representation are that:

User Representations Intro (Terms of Use)
  • Information that you submit to SkyMavis must be true, accurate, updated, and complete
  • You as a player can legally agree to comply with the Terms of Use
  • You are not a minor
  • You will not enter Axie Infinity jurisdictions with non-human programs (bots, scripting, etc.)

For the use of programs in Axie Infinity, exempted cases are:

  • Scholarship management
  • Building public tools for analytical purposes
  • Breeding, EXCEPT when there is a breeding event ongoing

Sections 6 – 7

Illegal activities are strictly prohibited.

SkyMavis has the right to ban or suspend delinquent users and any of their future use of Axie Infinity.

The Key to Avoiding A Ban | Sections 8 – 11

Most of the terms here are taken lightly, but a typical cause for mistaken bans. Make sure to avoid the mentioned items here, it’ll save you time and money.

Let’s start with the most important rule of Axie Infinity:

You can only play on one account in any 24 hours.

If you’re a member of the Axie Infinity server, you’ll see a lot of players ask “I’ll give my account to my friend. Is this bannable?”. From this question, let’s hop on the topic of avoiding a ban in Axie Infinity.

Avoiding A Ban


Multi-accounting refers to playing with 2 accounts. This gives them an unfair advantage in earning more SLP than the rest.

To prevent it, SkyMavis prohibits multi-accounting and can ban players who do so.

A graphic image depicting the do’s and don’ts of account usage.

This is a graphic representation of avoiding multi-accounting, so it should address everyone’s concerns. Although it’s comprehensible, I’ll talk you through each image.

There is no limit to the number of players sharing one internet router. 

So long as multiple people are using their accounts, the number of users isn’t limited.

You’re probably thinking, “How does SkyMavis know that there are multiple users and not just one person multi-accounting?”. I’ll discuss how SkyMavis monitors multi-accounting later on, so stay hooked.

Sharing accounts between users is legal.

There are currently no limits to how many people can use an account, so long as it’s just one account. This is what you may refer to as “account-sharing”.

Be careful on who your trust your account with. They may scam you by intentionally multi-accounting, which gets your Axies banned.

You can play on multiple devices with the same account.

Your Axie Infinity account can be logged in to an unlimited number of devices. The same principle, as long as it’s just one account that is being used.

The legality of using multiple devices makes it convenient for long-distance uses of Axie Infinity (leaving a device at home then logging in at a, eg. computer cafe is legal).

One person who uses 2 accounts on different devices, platforms is bannable.

We can now consider this as multi-accounting. The image shows one person using 2 Axie Infinity accounts, which gives more income than an ordinary Axie Infinity player. And no one wants that right?

At all costs, avoid multi-accounting.

Scholarship Programs and Multi-Accounting

This is a common misconception between players when it comes to scholarship programs.

A scholarship is a community system that allows people to play the game for free. Managers (who host scholarships) give their extra Axies to their scholars in exchange for a split. Scholarship programs happen when owners give their extra accounts with Axies to the scholar.

Owning multiple Axie accounts is legal. Playing multiple accounts is not.

How Do They Detect Multi-Accounting?

I’ve tried digging info on how they do it, but it seems like SkyMavis does not disclose their methods.

I mean, if everyone knew how they did it, finding a loophole will be easier right?

As they say, some secrets are better kept hidden. It’s all for the safety and integrity of the Axie Infinity community.

24 Hour Cooldown

The 24-hour cooldown is a necessity for avoiding multi-accounting. 

Let’s say, you wanna switch over to another account. After logging out of your current one, you have to wait 24 hours before you can log in to another one.

“Can I login to the Marketplace without having to wait 24 hours?”
Yes, SkyMavis detects multi-accounting only if you log in to the game.

Mavis Hub Client Login Screen
Mavis Hub Client Login window

Game log-ins include the SkyMavis Hub client for PC players or the Axie Infinity app for Android users. Once you log out of the game, you have to wait 24 hours before logging in with another account. So you’re free to log in and out of marketplace accounts without a countdown.

User Registration

User Registration pertains to the information that you register when playing the game.

What you should know:

  • You’re responsible for the confidentiality of your game access keys (passwords, seed phrases, etc.)
  • That they can remove, reclaim, or change your username if they deem it inappropriate. Trust me, there’s no point in naming yourself something weird like “bLOODYF**KER2019”

Prohibited Activities

I don’t wanna bore you guys out by posting a long line of this section so I’ll keep it brief.

As the name suggests, illicit activities are prohibited in the game. A general overview of prohibited activities can vary from:

  • Stealing Axies
  • Cheating the game
  • Attempting to hack the game
  • Attempting to intercept/interrupt transactions
  • Hacking another user’s account
  • Impersonating someone
  • Selling an Axie Infinity account
  • Taking emails or usernames to advertise or solicit users
  • Copyrighting
  • Harassing another player or a developer
  • Tampering with the game’s systems
Attempted hack by malware/virus links.

That’s just a handful of prohibited activities.  Anyone should be able to identify if the activity they’re doing is illegal or not. Just imagine Axie Infinity’s terms as the laws of their metaverse.

Device Uses (Emulators and The Clock)

Changing the time of your device is bannable. Axie Infinity’s daily energy abides by the device’s time, so tampering with it is equal to cheating.

BlueStacks is a cross-platform emulator between Android and PC devices.

Using cross-platform emulators like BlueStacks to play Axie Infinity is bannable. Emulators have to tamper with the game’s operation system to work. This runs the risk of a bannable offense because messing with the game’s system is detected as hacking into the game.


In terms of termination, SkyMavis can:

  • terminate or suspend any account for any reason
  • restrict terminated users from creating a new account
  • take legal action against any user

Can SkyMavis Ban Anyone for Any Reason?

Yes,  SkyMavis can ban you for ANY reason. Avoiding this is the sole purpose of the guide, to lessen the chances of your account being wrongly terminated.
No one wants to be suspended right? We all just want to sit down and play the game worry-free. That’s what I’m trying to achieve when I inform you guys about crucial aspects of playing the game.

I hope this article saved y’all from being banned!

If I missed anything relevant to the guide, comment it down below! I’m open to suggestions and some intellectual insights too!

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