Card Spotlight: Allergic Reaction

In this article, I’ll be putting the spotlight on the Bug card, “Allergic Reaction.”

Allergic Reaction

As of December 2021, this card has 100 base damage, provides 30 shields, and costs 1 energy. It also deals 130% damage to targets with a debuff.

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How Is Allergic Reaction Used?

It’s a purely offensive card that deals massive damage to Plants, Reptiles, and Dusk class Axies when they’re debuffed.

To maximize the Allergic Reaction’s potential, it needs a card that applies a debuff.

You can read more on Axie debuffs here:

Buffs And Debuffs

What Kind of Axies/Teams Use Allergic Reaction?

Axie cards that easily apply a debuff on enemy Axies fit Allergic Reaction best. Cards and comps like Mystic Rush, Nile Strike, Soothing Song, Balloon Pop, etc.

All they gotta do is order the cards correctly, then boom! Lotsa damage.

Pros and Cons of the Allergic Reaction Card


  • high damage against Plants, Reptiles, and Dusks
  • pairs well with debuff cards


  • unfavorable stats (less speed) for damage Axies

Allergic Reaction Card Synergies

  • Lagging, Nile Strike, Disarm, etc.
  • these cards can apply Speed- which is a debuff and pairs well with duelist Axies for outplays
  • Gas Unleash
  • the Poison debuff also procs the Allergic Reaction’s ability, so a frontline Axie with Gas Unleash supports an Axie with Allergic Reaction
  • Chomp, Soothing Song
  • an interesting mechanic of the Stun and Sleep debuff is that the following attack after the debuff is applied, it also goes through the shields which Allergic Reaction can abuse

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