Journey To Lunacia: A Player’s Guide To Adventure

If you purchased your starter Axies and assembled a team, you’re already on the way to start earning Smooth Love Potion! 

Whether you’ve already watched your friends and family play the game or seen tons of videos online, you’d probably know how Axie Infinity works. However, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to adventure mode.

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What is Adventure?

In Axie Infinity, there are two ways you can gain SLP. Duke it out with other players in the arena, or explore the ruins of Lunacia and slay monsters in adventure. 

Adventure mode pits you against computer-controlled enemies and rewards you with either EXP and SLP, or just SLP, depending on if you spend your daily energy in this game mode. There are also bonus rewards given to players who pass specific milestones.

Adventure is also where you can get a good chunk of your daily SLP earnings, and is one of the prerequisites in claiming your reward from the daily quest. 

It is imperative that you clear ruins in adventure if you want to get an extra 75 SLP as well as make your Axies stronger (although all Axies in the arena are capped at level 1).

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How Does Adventure Work?

Adventure mode works by giving your Axies experience and SLP. For every ruin you complete, you gain the corresponding EXP, SLP, and you unlock the next ruin. 

Keep in mind that entering a ruin requires 1 energy. Going into a ruin when you have 0 energy will not give you experience, but SLP will still be given up to its cap (50 per day).


Before you enter a ruin, you need to assemble a team. It helps to invest in Axies that would do well in both adventure and arena to make the most out of your investment. 

Fortunately, most Axies can be successful in adventure, since they level up and get stronger over time. You also need to figure out a strategy that fits your team and is strong against the monsters lurking in ruins.


Adventure mode is set in the “Ruins of Lunacia.” These ruins are similar to “dungeons” in other role-playing games. Ruins act as checkpoints to the progress of your Axies and test whether you are fit to pass and move on to the next one. 

Ruins reward you with experience and SLP if you win, the amount depending on the level of that ruin. Here are the corresponding rewards in terms of EXP.

  • Level 1: 51 EXP
  • Level 2: 59 EXP
  • Level 3: 111 EXP
  • Level 4: 118 EXP
  • Level 5: 141 EXP
  • Level 6: 199 EXP
  • Level 7: 256 EXP
  • Level 8: 237 EXP
  • Level 9: 282 EXP
  • Level 10: 300 EXP
  • Level 11: 344 EXP
  • Level 12: 429 EXP
  • Level 13: 378 EXP
  • Level 14: 347 EXP
  • Level 15: 358 EXP
  • Level 16: 402 EXP
  • Level 17: 367 EXP
  • Level 18: 446 EXP
  • Level 19: 434 EXP
  • Level 20: 401 EXP
  • Level 21: 644 EXP (Boss Ruin)
  • Level 22: 449 EXP
  • Level 23: 618 EXP
  • Level 24: 582 EXP
  • Level 25: 618 EXP
  • Level 26: 797 EXP
  • Level 27: 735 EXP
  • Level 28: 759 EXP
  • Level 29: 800 EXP
  • Level 30: 1209 EXP
  • Level 31: 810 EXP
  • Level 32: 724 EXP
  • Level 33: 891 EXP
  • Level 34: *Currently Unknown*
  • Level 35: 805 EXP
  • Level 36: 820 EXP

While SLP gains are split in brackets:

LevelSLP Given

NOTE: If you first complete ruins 21 and 36, you receive 200 and 300 SLP respectively.


The enemies in adventure vary from ruin to ruin. Although they’re all slimes, their moves and levels change depending on the level of the ruin; the higher the ruin, the stronger the enemies. There are also enemies that make your campaign harder by hurling debuffs against your Axies, so plan accordingly. 

There are ruins that specialize in stunning your Axies, making combos and shields not as effective. Enemies that inflict Stench are also annoying because they make the enemy ignore frontline Axies. There are also ruins where they specialize in Poison, so making quick work of the enemies is very important.

How Do I Play Adventure?

Playing adventure is a pretty straightforward process. You just select the “Adventure” button on the home screen, select an available ruin, and press “Start.” Battles in this mode are highly similar to PvP battles, if not easier because you gain more energy.

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How Do I Maximize My Earnings in Adventure?

Maximizing your earnings in adventure requires some planning, especially since the level of difficulty scales with ruins, and the SLP that you earn in this mode is capped. Depending on your goals, you can try a few ways of maximizing the amount of SLP you earn.

If you plan on playing short-term and don’t mind playing adventure for longer, you can instead focus all your energy in the arena. Earning SLP in adventure has been harder than ever since the Season 18 update

From the previous 100 cap, SLP gains in adventure were halved to 50. The reward for the daily quest was also cut down to 25 from the old 50, which is why focusing on adventure isn’t exactly ideal for players that want to get their return of investment as soon as possible.

On the other hand, If you plan on playing long-term, it is recommended that you level your Axies in adventure first, so you can avail the bonus SLP on ruins 21 and 36. If you’re starting to have trouble clearing ruins, it’s best to level up your Axies first before trying again in order not to waste energy. 

Completing ruins you can comfortably clear while giving large amounts of EXP is a good way to level your Axies fast. Ruins 3, 9, 12, 18, 20, and 25 are great farming ruins if you get stuck.

The downside is you won’t be earning much the first few weeks to months, depending on your Axies. I highly recommend figuring out which method works best with your goals and aligns with your preferred period of playing the game.

Pro Tips

  • Get all the SLP available in adventure. 50 SLP may add up to a lot of money down the road.
  • Having a good adventure team is great, but Axies that are best suited in the arena can just be as effective. If you plan on playing both often, try to look for Axies that offer the best of both worlds.
  • Keep track of your opponent’s moves in ruins. Nothing is more annoying than getting stunned mid-combo or letting the enemy live with a sliver of health because you didn’t expect the humongous shields.
  • There are certain ruins that may be harder than they look. Farm EXP and level your Axies to have a smoother experience.
  • Consistency is key when it comes to earning money in adventure. Always max out the SLP available.

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